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How do I set up a meeting?
Once you've installed our Slack app, just type /3dmeet in the message form and hit enter. 3Dmeet will setup the meeting and return a link for you to use. If it's your first time using 3Dmeet, you'll need to authorize 3Dmeet to access your Slack profile to set your user info. See our privacy policy for more information.
How is this different than ‹insert web conferencing service›?
We have a 3D setting to enhance immersion which improves attention and retention. We've made sure to have all the features you'd expect a web conference/communication tool and included a 3D environment akin to video games for a much better user experience.
What are the system requirements?
3Dmeet requires a browser that supports WebGL and WebRTC. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox. Our screenshare feature requires the Chrome browser (to share screens, not to view). Having a microphone and a webcam enhance the experience but aren't strictly necessary. We have different performance levels so if you're computer is running slowly, try switching to a different detail level.
How do I use the viewboards?
Right now, you can upload video and images via fileshare (in 3Dmeet). Once they're uploaded, they'll be accessible via the viewboard icon viewboard icon. You can choose which viewboard to display the content on and control it from that icon. 3Dmeet is still in beta so features may change.