3Dmeet is a revolutionary communication tool that merges web conferencing with video games.

Jump in for a quick meeting with the team to show them the cool thing you're working on via screenshare or have your next presentation in a virtual 3D world of your choosing.

3Dmeet runs on WebGL and WebRTC. And now you can use it from Slack!


Setup is easy to do! Visit the Slack App Directory or click the "Add to Slack" button below:


  Add to Slack

How to Use

Using 3Dmeet in Slack is as easy as remembering the name! Just type /3dmeet in to the message form and hit ENTER. 3Dmeet receives the command and creates a meeting based off the Slack channel ID. All members in the channel will receive a link to the meeting. Each user will need to authorize 3Dmeet to use their Slack profile information. We currently only use your name so users can identify each other in the 3D world and in chat. 3Dmeet is still in beta so as features are added, we may need more permissions or use information in different ways. The user who runs the slash command has moderator privileges in 3Dmeet.

As moderator, you can:

  • mute other participants
  • kick participants
  • control viewboards
  • teleport participants to your location

Typing /3dmeet help will return a message visible only to yourself regarding use of the slash command. You only need to type /3dmeet to start a meeting, 3Dmeet does the rest!